Wine Essentials

1)  aeratorVinturi Essential Wine Aerator – Wine is a living thing. Its appearance, texture, and flavor can change as the wine ages in a cellar or throughout the course of a night after the bottle is opened. Some wines are “closed” when the cork is first pulled and “open up” after that. A “closed” wine means it tastes muted and simple, and wine that has “opened up” will have a greater depth and range of interesting flavors. Click here for best price!


2) Wine Saver Pump – The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump that extracts the air from an opened wine bottle and re-seals it using a rubber stopper. The airtight vacuum inhibits the oxidation process that is responsible for the deterioration of wine. The vacuum is created by placing a stopper into the neck of the opened bottle and pumping it until resistance is detectable. The pump incorporates a patented ‘click’ mechanism that indicates when a sufficient airtight environment has been established. pump

Wine Savers are suitable for all but sparkling wines. Click here for best price!



3) Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller – There’s just something about opening a bottle of wine. The ceremonial quality of removing the cork truly indicates it’s time to unwind. Whether relaxing solo after a long day at the office or hosting an intimate dinner soiree or holiday party, an electric wine bottle opener makes it easy to start the evening off in sophisticated style.  openerchller

Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, the electric wine bottle opener offers the same portable, cordless convenience as other wine bottle openers, but with the added benefit of sleek presentation and fast, effortless performance, opening a bottle in a matter of seconds. Fast, zero-effort cork removal ultimately means more time to spend with guests. Sipping wine, visiting with friends.

A thermal stainless steel wine chiller makes it easy to quickly chill a bottle of wine and keep it cold for hours–no need for a messy bucket of ice. Click here for best price!


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