HouseVines, LLC Is Out with Yet Another Product; and This Time It’s a Bathtub Wine Caddy!

After having reached the ultimate heights of success in the Pennsylvanian wine market, HouseVines, LLC is growing stronger with the introduction of more products.

Friday, July 17th 2015: HouseVines, LLC is back with yet another product in its growing lineup of wine accessories. This time, it’s the Bathtub Wine Caddy, one more wine accessory that is highly likely to generate a considerable amount of excitement in the Pennsylvanian wine industry.rend13-01

HouseVines, LLC is the same wine and wine accessory provider which has established itself as a recognized brand in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, after a series of successful product launches. The Bathtub Wine Caddy is all set to follow the footsteps of earlier releases from the company, including the W I N E Metal Cork Holder Wall Letters and the “50 Shades” Wine Charms.

The CEO of the company, Salvatore D. Sheffo Jr. was extremely enthusiastic regarding the launch of this new product, as upon being interviewed about the recent launch, he stated, “HouseVines, LLC was solely created to bridge the increasing gap which had previously occurred between wine lovers and affordable wine accessories in the Pennsylvanian wine industry. We are extremely pleased at the fact that our company has successfully achieved what it set out to do.”

Talking about the new product, the CEO stated, “The Bathtub Wine Caddy joins multiple other offerings from our company. We are highly excited at the launch of this product and look forward to the response of our esteemed clients. We know for sure that they will love what we have on offer. We will continue with in the same fashion as long as we keep receiving the appreciation of our valued customers.”

The Bathtub Wine Caddy has big shoes to fill, given the success the previous offerings from HouseVines, LLC were able to gather. The ones who are interested in purchasing the product or finding out more about it, can find all they need to know on Amazon as well as the company’s official website.

About the Company

HouseVines, LLC is a company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The majority of the company’s products are wine and wine accessories. The company primary sells its offerings on Amazon. According to CEO Salvatore D. Sheffo Jr., the company is set to launch a wide range of products over the course of the next few months.

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