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When summer rolls around everyone seems to spend more time outdoors and life seems to take on a more leisurely pace. As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, you will find yourself at cookouts, by the beach, or relaxing on the porch, hopefully with a glass of wine in hand! The more wine you drink; the more wine bottles you will accumulate. Have you ever stopped to think about what those empty bottles could become? There are endless ways in which you can repurpose, or upcycle, wine bottles into something practical and beautiful. Some wine bottle projects require special tools or skills, but there are also many that even the novice crafter can undertake. Since summer is the ideal time of year to spruce up your garden or yard, the following projects are simple and fun suggestions for how to reuse wine bottles outdoors.

1. Hummingbird FeederIron-Leaf-Hummingbird-Feeder
A wine bottle can quickly become the perfect hummingbird feeder after undergoing a slight transformation.

Materials Needed:
Clean Wine Bottle (red or clear is preferred to attract the hummingbirds)
Stopper or Feeder Tube
Copper Wire

Beginning with the neck, wrap the copper wire around the bottle to create a cage, use pliers to help. The wire should be twisted into tight coils so that the bottle is secure. As you reach the bottom of the bottle, finish by creating a hook or loop to hang the feeder by. You will also need a stopper or feeder tube. These can be purchased from Amazon or local shops that specialize in birds, home improvement stores, or garden centers. For extra pizazz, decorate your wine bottle with glass paint or hang charms and other decorations from the wire. When finished, fill with purchased or homemade nectar.

2. Garden Edging
Look no further for an interesting approach to defining your garden beds or a unique way to decorate your walkways.

Materials Needed:glass-bottle-garden-edging1-268x300
Assortment of Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are sturdy and long-lasting, which makes them a perfect eco-friendly choice for edging flower beds or footpaths. Use a trowel to dig and partially bury wine bottles in an upside down position. Use your creativity when designing your edging; you could opt for a simple monochromatic look or go for something more whimsical by using an array of bottle colors.

3. Plant Waterer
If you are going on vacation during the hot summer months, here is a green method for self-watering your container plants to avoid casualties.

Materials Needed:
Clean Wine Bottleplantwaterer

Optional Materials:
Wine Cork or Plant Nanny Stakes

This project has several different options. The first, and easiest, simply involves filling a wine bottle with water. Then, move swiftly to turn the bottle over and press the neck directly into the plant container, near the center of the pot. Over a few days, the water will gradually seep out and keep the soil evenly moist. For the second option, you will need to save your wine cork. Drill a small hole (approximately ¼ inch) into the middle of the cork. Place the cork in the bottle before adding the water and then insert it into the planter. Lastly, you can turn a wine bottle into a ‘plant nanny’ by purchasing specific stakes that attach to wine bottles. There are a variety of these stakes available; here is an example from Amazon.

Whether you use these ideas or ones of your own, here at HouseVines, we hope you will choose to save a few wine bottles from the landfill this summer and turn them into something fantastic! We would love to see photographs of your projects on our Facebook page.

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