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As a wine lover, you’ll be glad to learn that there are a number of benefits of wine drinking. If you’re a moderate wine drinker, who enjoys a glass or two every night, it could be that you’re doing yourself some serious favors.

Doesn’t it feel like a number of your favorite foods and drinks are on the chopping block these days? For example, if you eat beef, you’re contributing to the world’s environmental problems and creating more greenhouse gasses than you would if you were driving your car. If you’re vegetarian and consume soy or soy products, you’ll get cancer. If you eat any kind of gluten products, it’s highly likely you’ll lead a very sickly life and end up developing food intolerances and gut problems. And if you like to drink booze, you might become addicted to it or even worse possibly kill another person in a car accident – seriously you can’t win.

While there is truth in the above statements, wine lovers might have the upper hand if they decide to practice drinking wine in moderation. To be honest, drinking wine is the secret key to becoming happy, skinny and wiser…

Wine Makes You Skinny

You probably remember reading a number of headlines claiming that drinking wine will contribute to your weight loss. You probably also remember getting super excited about it, but at the same doubting its credibility – how could wine possibly make you skinny?skinny

Ellagic acid, which is found in wine, helps reduce fatty liver, which is one of the leading contributors to the obesity epidemic. As a chemical, ellagic acid can’t be found in 99.9% of wine. Before you get upset and wonder how do you know whether it’s got ellagic acid or not, you need to understand the following – it transfers into wines in the form of ellagitannin, which is present in oak barrels.

The science and math behind it all is simple – the longer the wine is left in the oak, the more ellagic acid can be found in the wine later on.

So, what’s the moral of this little tale? Drink a glass or two of well-oaked wine on a regular basis and reduce fatty liver and its negative effects on your health.

Wine Makes You Jump For Joy

 Have you ever wondered why after a crap day at work that glass of wine quickly changes your mood? Again it’s scientific, but we don’t care so much about the science as we do the happiness buzz (and no, we’re not just referring to the random drunk happiness).jumping-for-joy-marketing

Alcohol releases dopamine, serotonin, and opioid peptides to the brain. These are all natural brain chemicals, and they’re responsible for the positive feelings of joy, elation, happiness, well-being, and happiness.

When you practice smart moderate drinking, you’re going to experience this awesome chemical release each time, and as you know there’s no greater feeling than sitting down after a long day’s work and opening a good bottle of red and taking that first sip.

There’s a fine line between moderate and too much however. Abuse the wine and drink too much and it’ll have the reverse effect. You’ll deplete your serotonin and dopamine levels, which can directly cause depression.

Wine Makes You Smarter

 According to research, those who follow aeinstein healthy diet and drink wine have better memories and a slower cognitive decline.

Studies carried out in 2014 found that those people who drank red wine moderately performed better when it comes to learning, attention span, and memory. These people were also better educated and exercise more. So, it’s fair to say that drinking red wine on a regular basis contributes to an overall healthier and better lifestyle.

Moderation is key – this was only the case with people who drank moderately. So, if you want more brainpower, it’s simple include more red wine in your life moderately.

How Much Is Okay?

 Drink a glass of red wine every evening with your meal or after a long day’s work, and you’re fine, you’ll be keeping it real and drinking in moderation. If you want to live long and prosper, drink wine, end of!

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