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Thanksgiving, the American holiday that signifies a time to give thanks and gratitude to the masses for the things that we have received in our life and for all of our good fortunes. It is a time traditionally that has come from when the pilgrims first came to America and the Native Americans helped the pilgrims survive the first winter in the new world. Thanksgiving

Traditionally an American family will have the normal staples of a thanksgiving dinner. Those being a roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and of course no thanksgiving feast is complete without at least a pumpkin pie for desert, if not multiple flavors of pie for desert. It is also recommended that when someone is thinking of having wine with a meal that they pair that wine with the main course of the meal, or the main entrée of the feast. In this case that would be the roast turkey.

Depending on the taste pallets of you and your guests, it is normally best advised to have a neutral white wine with Turkey. This will compliment the flavor and seasoning of the turkey and sides without overpowering the table and ruining the meal. When one thinks of a neutral white wine, they would stay in the middle of the road in regards to how dry the wine is. I would recommend either a pinot grigio or a sauvignon blanc. Both of these types of wine are neither overly sweet nor are they overly dry.

Now I will make some exceptions to my predications. If you are someone who likes a drier white wine, then you might go so far as a chardonnay for your choice of wine to have with your thanksgiving feast. Where on the other end of the spectrum if you like sweeter wines then I would recommend a moscato or reisling. Both of these would give the meal a fruitier taste which might pair nicely with your side dishes depending on what they are. Ultimately you will want to determine what the palette of your guests might be. Some individuals do not like white wine, no matter what they are having it with. For those individuals I would suggest for their recommendation as to what they would like. If they are unsure as to what to have, I would recommend a nice pinot noir from central California. This area is known for producing a high quality product.

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